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Here at Glenroy Memorial Pre-School, we offer 3- and 4-year-old sessional kindergarten programs. We are a community run kinder located at Glenroy Community Hub We have a strong community driven philosophy and dedicated, professional educators.

We create an environment that encourages independence, stimulates curiosity, self-motivation, with a particular focus on the social development of your child. We are proud that we have been in operation for over 85 years, established by parents in the local community as a non-profit organisation, offering an affordable service. All of our funding and fees are used to directly deliver and enrich the quality of our kindergarten and educational program,

Operating Hours

The kindergarten operates Monday to Friday from 8:15am- 4:14pm.

Session times:
3-year-old group: Tuesday & Wednesday from:
8:30 to 1:30
4-year-old group: Monday, Thursday and Friday from:
8:30 to 1:30

Children attend during the four school terms, which correspond to those of Victoria’s state schools.

Our Commitment to child safety:

Glenroy Memorial Preschool is committed to creating a child safe organisation where all children and young people are safe and feel safe.

We, at Glenroy Memorial preschool, have a greater focus on safety and wellbeing for those children and young people who are considered more at risk to abuse and neglect. Glenroy memorial preschool actively supports and facilitates participation and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from a culturally and /or linguistically diverse backgrounds and all diverse families and children with all abilities.

We have a commitment to managing both physical and online environments to ensure the safety of children and young people through governance, systems and processes. This statement provides the framework for the organisational approach to comply with best practice by aligning with Staff, Child Safe and Wellbeing Standards Every child has the right to feel safe